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Sexual Health and STI Testing Birmingham

See a sexual health expert in a private setting. Our STI tests are a discreet and confidential way to check your symptoms.

Our private GPs can evaluate and diagnose any concerns you may have with your sexual health and provide expert advice on appropriate treatments. Whether you are experiencing issues or seeking reassurance, you can schedule an appointment directly with us without a GP referral. In many cases, we can even offer you a same-day appointment for your convenience.

Free Sexual Health Consultations

Our range of STI testing gives you the peace of mind you need. Our knowledgeable staff are here to provide helpful advice, and support you every step of the way.

STI Testing

Herpes Simplex Virus Testing

Hepatitis B Testing

Syphilis Testing

HIV Testing

Gonorrhoea Testing

Genital Warts Testing and Management

Chlamydia Testing



Next Day Results STI Tests

We offer next day STD tests so you can receive your results quickly for peace of mind. STI testing is discreet and confidential. Our tests involve a quick and easy genital swab and blood test which is sent to a laboratory for testing. Once you receive your results, our medical team will be able to provide further advice and recommend potential treatment.

What are the most common symptoms of an STI?

Although symptoms can vary, there are common signs that suggest the need for an STI test:

  • Unusual discharge
  • Sores or rashes
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Pain or burning sensation during urination
  • Irregular bleeding in women

When should I have an STI test?

It’s important to wait for a certain period of time before taking an STI test, as accuracy depends on the specific infection being tested for. Testing too soon after exposure can yield false results. The required waiting period varies depending on the type of test, so we recommend checking the information provided on each STI test for specific guidance.

However, if you experience any symptoms of an STI, it’s crucial to see a doctor as soon as possible.

STI Testing Pricing

STI 1 (Less than 10 days)

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Next Day Results

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes (HSV I and II)
  • Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma
  • Trichomonas

STI 2 (More than 10 days)

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Next Day Results

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes (HSV I and II)
  • Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma
  • Trichomonas
  • Gardnerella

HIV Test (From day 28)

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Next Day Results

  • HIV Antibody
  • HIV p24 antigen
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